How to Lose

Anger is not the answer. I. Calibrating to Humanity The first company I ever started was with my partner who’s also a software engineer. We had spoken to a longtime friend of my partner’s and he had agreed to be our first customer. About 8 months into the life of our company, we had finished building the first version of the website and were getting ready to launch it. The weekend before we were scheduled to launch, my partner received a private message from his friend. The friend said he was shocked that he was not listed as a founder on any of the official company documents. This came as a surprise to us since we had been very clear from the start that this was our company and he would be our first customer. For over half a year when we were building the product, he never said anything that would suggest otherwise. He was the sole representative of his company in price negotiations against our company, which is another reason why we were confused that he thought he was a founder of our company.

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