You're probably wondering why I've called you here today ..

I'm a young woman who grew up in a patriarchal country. I have never felt comfortable taking up space or saying what I really think.

But this account and my Twitter account @aladyonfire_ is an attempt to change all that.

Here you can expect to find my real, unfiltered thoughts on everything that interests me: writing, programming, rationality, psychology, the mental and physical experience of being a woman, entrepreneurship and much more.

Over the years I have found a lot of solace and inspiration from women sharing their stories so this is my attempt at paying it forward.

I don't know if or when I will say who I really am, but for now let us celebrate the fact that a woman found her voice and a way to share her story with the world.

So welcome to the abode of A Lady on Fire!

Let's build a space where we can all be ourselves ❤️

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A woman speaking her truth